Leadership Nuggets to Stir Your Spirit

I attended a wonderful conference last week called Milestones in Leadership, put on by a good friend of mine – Ron Hoefer. Over 400 were in attendance, and the theme was to rethink the logic of your own success. From the three presenters, Bill Taylor from Fast Company, Peter Salvati from DPR Construction, and Garry Ridge of WD-40, I had some ‘stream of consciousness’ takeaways as I listened through the ear-pieces of authentic and conscious leadership. Here are some I’d like to share, and I invite you to allow one or two of the questions and comments below into your consciousness with the intent to stir you in new ways:

– Leader as ‘difference-maker.’

– What idea or ideal does your company now stand for?

– How do you as a leader enliven humanity within your organization?

– What gets you up in the morning?

– The most successful companies actually care more than others about their people and customers.

– Hire for attitude and values, train for skills.

– Are you open to see your own ‘blind-spots’ due to your success?

– How do we ‘over-throw’ successful companies?

– What is your core ideology? What does success look like?

– Why does your company exist…beyond even to make money?

– Remember – every industry, business and organization is about people!

– Always be on the hunt for great people, hire them whenever you find them.

– Put ideas and people first, technology and money will follow.

– What’s the biggest opportunity we face?

– There are no failures, just learning moments.

– Leadership is all about THEM!

– Create a culture of belonging.

– Teach leadership – set expectations of what great leadership looks like in your firm.

– Are you learning as fast as the world is changing?

– When was the last time you did something for the first time?

– True leaders give their people an open license and permission to play.

– Come to realize that the risk of staying ‘status quo’ is now riskier than undertaking your own change-

process and transformation.

– Create a ‘learning environment’ in your organization.

– People are hungry for more humanity – kindness trumps being clever or following policy.

– How can our organization do things that are more memorable?

– Stop making leadership a lonely profession – look at leadership as a ‘collective’ activity.

– Think of yourself as a ‘solution-finder’, not a problem-solver.

– No one alone is as smart as all of us together!

I hope some of these insights from very successful leaders resonate with you, and call you into new thinking and action. If we are not evolving intentionally, we are destined to continue revolving around our prior ways of thinking and acting.

“Leadership, at its core, is all about the development and evolution of human beings.”

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