How to Discover Your Root Passion!

When I ask people “what are you most passionate about?”, I most often get as responses – my family, my lover, my work, my hobby, nature, and so on. Then when I ask them, “what’s beneath all of that?”, I typically get some verbal rummaging, or even a blank look with an, “I’m not sure.” Many people respond by saying they feel they have lost their passion, and don’t know what it is anymore.

While we think passion comes to us from something outside of us, from another person, from some thing or place, or some type of activity, what that means is when those people-places-things are not present we then are dis-connected from our passion. When we rely on some external source for our own joy, energy, happiness or pleasure, then we suffer when we are without them.

Passion is the energy of positive, creative, loving, trusting, spirit that is self-generative. Passion is the juice of life that makes who we are and what we do come fully alive. If we don’t know what our passion is, or wait for some outside source to stimulate it, we have little option other than to just robotically go about our activities, relationships and duties. No wonder Gallop’s tracking numbers on the levels of employee engagement at work haven’t budged in over 30 years. They say that roughly 30% of all employees are engaged I their work, while the rest of the 70% are unengaged and 20% of them are actively disengaged. Wow, a very sad state for the bulk of our workforce, yet a telling indicator of how disconnected so many of us are not only from our work, but in our own lives as well.

If you desire to get reconnected and clear about your own passion – what is at the core of passion within you – take some time and reflect on the questions below, and take the Passion Exercise by clicking the link below. Really give yourself some free, uninterrupted time for self-reflection. Quiet your mind, so your inner voice of wisdom is the one answering the questions. Allow whatever wants to come up to arise, without judging the content against current expectations. Take these questions and journal them, and allow new concepts and answers to guide your pen. Make this all about you, about you becoming a higher version of You!

What do you currently think you are passionate about?

What dream or fantasy about your life have you held for some time?

What do you love about yourself?

What have you always wanted to do (but never done)?

When do you feel important and worthwhile, like you are contributing to others?

What do you love so much that you would pay someone else to allow you to do it?

What would you do or create if you knew you could not fail?

What do you think you are best qualified to do?

What are you most proud of having accomplished so far in your life?

What are you doing that no longer fulfills you?

If you only had a few weeks to live, what is the last message (lecture, note, gift, etc.) that you would give to your closest family members and friends?

What is the best gift you could receive from your family, friends, and humanity?

If you died today, would it have been enough? What would have been left to accomplish?

If you had all the money you needed to live your life exactly the way you wanted, what would you do? What would your life’s work be?

What would you do if everyone on the planet was fulfilled, healthy, happy, prosperous, and did not need you or your help?

Who is the YOU that you feel you were meant to be?

Click [here] to take The Passion Exercise.

There are three ways you can realize your passion fully in your daily life. Wherever you find yourself, now or in the future, you can always live your passion. Of the three options below, find a passion outlet for your life. Never leave home without it!

Your Passion Is Your Work – Seen as the most desired state by many, this is where we blend our deepest passions with our need to make a living. Many have been able to make this connection, and they keep the fire of their passion while at work. Many start young, when fear is not present, and some find this in the second half of their life. Either way, those who say they are living their passion through their work or business experience a high sense of joy, gratitude, and fulfillment while making a great living for themselves, their families, and those who work with and around them.

Your Work Supports Your Passion – Working to support your passion is an option. There are those who know their passion and are thrilled to devote their free time to the pursuit of it. They may have work that is enjoyable among people they find interesting, but their work is not their passion. They look upon their work with gratitude for all that it provides, knowing that their passion is waiting for them at the day’s end.

You Take Your Passion into All Endeavors – Some people have a strong sense that their existence is centered around a life calling: teaching, serving, caregiving, leading, performing, creating, exploring, thinking, connecting, loving, or learning. Their awareness of this sense drives them to embody their passion and enjoy the situations they encounter whether for work or pleasure. They seem to come alive in almost any situation because they see themselves, who they are, and what they are doing as passion / Life flowing and living through them. These people are the ones we often are most drawn to, and feel we get energy from them.

If you can live your passion in your work, and get paid for it, that’s great. If you cannot quit your day job, allow it to support your passion off the clock. If you can take your passion into any situation, especially at work, you have hit the jackpot. No matter your life circumstances, do not shortchange yourself and set your passion aside “until you make enough money.” Find a way to live and be connected with your passion daily. It is the greatest gift you can give the world and yourself!

Are you worth living a life full of passion? What would your life be like if you lived with more passion? Besides you who would benefit from you being a more passionate human being, friend, lover, and leader?

The time is now. I invite you to re-ignite your own internal flames – and get on to living a life rather than just being alive!


Live passionately. Everything else is a waste of time.

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