We all need resources. Here are some resources that have really helped me along the way and ones that I’ve used to help others. I hope you find them useful.


Kevin Rafferty Resources: 


Other Conscious Resources:




Informative Articles on Conscious Capitalism:


Future Shapers, Meet the Visionaries:

FutureShapers Roundtables are professionally facilitated executive peer groups that provide an integrated approach to leadership that includes the whole self – body, mind, heart and soul – thus creating a greater degree of consciousness in its members. Contact me if you are interested in joining a Roundtable group in your area.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Learn about the 4 Pillars of Integrity: Feelings, Communication, Agreements and Responsibility

A ten minute video explaining what a paradigm of thought is, how they are formed, how they change and what FutureShapers sees as the emerging paradigm

“Bridging the Span – Business and Consciousness,” a presentation by FutureShapers co-founders at JFK University graduates and students of the Consciousness Studies Program

“Conscious Leadership”, a keynote speech by John Renesch at the Conscious Capitalism conference near Boston, May 2011