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Transforming Leadership, Organizations and Society

Kevin is the Conscious Leaders Coach

Kevin guides business leaders in advancing their unique leadership styles and organizations by connecting authenticity to conscious leadership.

As a transformational leadership coach, thought leader and turnaround expert, Kevin works with CEOs, business owners, C-suite leaders and entrepreneurs to help them bridge personal and professional mastery and improve business results. Kevin has coached hundreds of executives and businesses in both public and private industry.


Kevin presents a proven process that bridges personal and professional mastery. Find out more about Kevin’s Personal and Leadership Coaching Programs here: Coaching Program Details.

Kevin Rafferty


Looking to inspire audiences with information that will guide them to the pathway to Conscious Living? Kevin presents a variety of gainful topics on Leadership, Authenticity, Consciousness, and Conscious Leadership. Learn more.

Books and Resources

This book delivers key insights and powerful tools to help connect with your inner power and wisdom, allowing you to discover your true self. Find more resources here.

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“His advice has helped me successfully navigate compensation discussions, my repatriation to the U.S. from Asia, and has given me courage when I made my transition from corporate life to become an entrepreneur.”

Nichol Bradford August 18, 2015

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