“If you are up to the challenge of rethinking and improving your approach to life and work, then Kevin is the perfect coach for you!”

Gary Smith
Passco Partners.

“Kevin is a very creative, attentive coach. He always finds a way to help and motivate me. I highly recommend him.”

Lawrence Armstrong
Ware Malcomb

“Kevin is a true guru of team building and strategic planning. He has the unique ability to tap into deep-seated issues. Kevin has done an exceptional job as my executive coach, and offers a lot of wisdom from his days as a CEO, president and top executive.”

Tom VanDorpe
VanDorpe Chou Associates

“Kevin initially worked with me as a coach and mentor regarding my business. However, because of Kevin’s wisdom and trustworthiness, I became extremely comfortable branching off to include my personal life during our sessions. Kevin helped me dig deep within myself to see how I created resistance to growth and change. As a result, I’ve expanded mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He is amazing to be with and a wonderful man. My gratitude runs deep!”

Janet Boydell
A Hire Connection

“Kevin is both a personal and professional coach for me.  I met him in 2009 and hired him to do both. One of the things that set Kevin apart from other coaches whom I had considered was his success in business and in life — he’s been a CEO many times over. This ensured that we spoke the same language, and he understood the environment within which I existed. Kevin is also very, very smart, and I found both his business and personal feedback excellent. Honestly, I require a very smart and experienced coach to hold me accountable and help check myself, and Kevin is able to do this (not easy). I respect Kevin’s expertise a great deal and enjoy spending time with him. I experienced an intensive period when we first met and proceeded through his “Get Naked” process – which was enlightening, as I prepared to enter my 40s. I now have an annual check-in with him, during which we cover everything — he asks the tough questions, and he doesn’t let me off easy. His advice has helped me successfully navigate compensation discussions, my repatriation to the U.S. from Asia, and has given me courage when I made my transition from corporate life to become an entrepreneur.”

Nichol Bradford – Co-Founder Transformative Technology Community

“I have had the opportunity over the years of my career to benefit immensely from Kevin’s thoughtful and sound guidance. Kevin came into my life at a very pivotal time of my personal and professional development. My company at the time had just reached $10 million in revenue very quickly and I was unsure how to evolve into being a CEO of a $10 million dollar company, compared to the smaller organizations that I had been involved with in the past.

Kevin gave me the confidence and assurance that my skills, talents and approach were valid to use as the company continued to grow towards $25 million per year, which we achieved in less than 5 years.

Kevin understands business thoroughly from a very technical, operational and financial standpoint, but more importantly Kevin understands people. He can see what is in their hearts and can tie that back to the business world in a way that I have not seen anyone else do.

His personal approach and sincere caring for his clients’ shines through, demonstrated by his tireless commitment to each individual he works with. It is not often that you find someone who possesses such a broad and balanced foundation of knowledge and expertise, combined with the ability to apply that guidance uniquely to each individual.

Kevin has shown the professionalism, integrity and qualities that are essential to providing great leadership to company leaders. I believe he has the vision and capabilities to grow, guide and mentor in a manner that truly impacts lives.”

Claudia Dwyer
Chief Executive Officer
PBS West

“I have worked with Kevin Rafferty for approximately 12 years and it has been in incredible partnership.

My relationship with Kevin is one of the best in my life and one of a few people in my life that I truly can be open, honest and completely authentic on this journey called life.

Kevin has partnered with me through a tremendous amount of life events and change, as follows:
– Business Revenue has grown nearly 300% over this period of time
– Business Case Volume has grown 1275% over this period of time
– Supported and assisted me on the process to do a management buy-out of the company
– Collaborated with me on the entire transition of my management team
– Pushed me to grow as much (if not more) on the personal side than the professional side
– Helped me to work through various life cycle events… birth of a child, moving of my family from Southern to Northern California (while the business I am CEO of is in Southern California), the near death of my father, death of close friends/relatives, the ups and downs of married life, transitioning out friend’s/co-workers and an appreciation of what I have in life
– Opened my eyes to all of the wonderful aspects of life (both the good and bad)
– Helped me to live mostly in the present, not in the past or future (although it is certainly done)
– Increased my spirituality in life
– Provided a different perspective of the world and how I saw it
– Improved the quality of my life
– Enabled me to be able to fulfill my purpose while on Mother Earth”

Eric Freidlander
Starpoint Health Inc.

“Kevin Rafferty has been my executive coach and friend for the past 12 years. Our relationship started when he became the chair of my Vistage group and it has continued in the past 5 years since I have left Vistage. Kevin’s guidance has help me lead my company to tremendous growth and success during this period. But far more importantly Kevin has help me become more authentic in my everyday life as well as to experience the world from a more current or present state of mind. I would recommend Kevin to anybody that wants to be very progressive in how they live their life and run their business.”

Michael Crawford
President and CEO
Sukut Construction, LLC