The Authentic Leaders Coaching & Leadership Development Programs

The Authentic Leaders Coaching & Leadership Development Programs is the next step in executive coaching, and is for a unique kind of leader.

Authentic, elite leaders are men and women who appreciate that what they’re really all about is servant leadership, providing fresh, effective and collaborative perspectives that helps those they serve take more effective and healthy action. Leadership at its core is serving others in the best possible way, especially during times of significant transition or adversity. Kevin blends the best of executive coaching with the power of personal authenticity, and elevating one’s conscious awareness and mindfulness.

Connecting Authenticity to Leadership

Kevin Rafferty delivers a proven process, critical tools and vast resources that bridge personal and professional mastery with organizational mastery. Kevin helps people awaken to their authentic selves, and become the true, transformational, elite leader they were meant to be.

Executive coaching is more popular than ever, and the topics of consciousness, mindfulness, and being present – ‘in the moment’ are becoming increasingly accepted in conventional, executive conversations, as evidenced by the examples listed below.

Why Executive Coaching?

  1. Coaching results in an ROI of 10+ times the program cost as well as realizing productivity increases of 80%+, a 75+% improvement in stakeholder relationships, 65+% improvement in teamwork, 60+% improvement in job satisfaction and 50+% improvement in quality within the first year (Manchester Consulting Group).
  2. Google introduced a program to increase emotional intelligence using mindfulness, backed by scientific research, called “Search Inside Yourself,” and now it’s offered world-wide to leaders and teams ready to transform themselves and their cultures.
  3. These companies have successfully implemented coaching into their cultures: Whole Foods, Google, Costco, Southwest, Starbucks, Zappos, Toms, Trader Joe’s, Axon, Patagonia, The Container Store, Warby Parker, Panera Bread, 95% of the Fortune 1000, and many more.
  4. There’s a growing awareness in leaders about how much organizations are contributing to the global crises that threaten the quality of life their children and grandchildren will inherit, seeing their role in that, and looking for meaningful, sustainable and healthy alternatives.
  5. Growing numbers of people and organizations that have come online in the past few years that are focused on being more purpose-driven, and led by conscious leaders at work, such as the global Conscious Capitalism movement, and others popping up regularly.

Benefits of Kevin Rafferty’s Authentic Leaders Coaching

  • Expand your own levels of self-awareness, and increase your capacity for understanding human dynamics and highly effective leadership.
  • Learn to manage and channel conflict in highly constructive ways, get to the root of issues easier, apply fresh rigor to the team’s thinking, and, ultimately drive better outcomes.
  • Accomplish more with less by developing executive leadership competencies, and by leveraging existing strengths to improve performance.
  • Develop more conscious people/leaders in your organization and generate higher levels of engagement, productivity and profitability.
  • Reduce costs related to turnover, absenteeism, retention.
  • Significantly increase customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Improve recruitment of high-performing talent, succession planning and bench strength.
  • Fulfill your higher purpose, and help others connect more to their work and each other.
  • Realize more fulfillment, meaning, joy, connection, peace, deeper sense of accomplishment and well-being for yourself and your people

Overall you can also expect a significant increase in financial gain for your organization, your people and yourself, and in your own well-being, by becoming a more conscious leader!

Are YOU a person who is currently a CEO, President, Owner/Founder, VP, Director or C-Suite leader, and who is?

– A life-long learner

– Open-minded, curious and like to question everything

– Looking to positively transform yourself and your organization

– Open to personal, professional growth and change

– A high-potential or emerging leader who is admired by others for your people and leadership skills, and your ability to make things happen

If so, are you ready to become an Authentic Elite Leader? Check out Kevin’s Elite Leadership Formula Page!


Individual Coaching Sessions also Available

▪ 60-90 minute 1-2-1 Zoom coaching session w/ Kevin

– Covering your most top-of-mind issues, challenges, opportunities

– Contact Kevin for more information



Life coaching utilizes Kevin’s book:   Wake Up, Get Real, Be Happy – Becoming Your Authentic Self.  Purchase on Amazon:

Wake Up Get Real Be Happy: Becoming Your Authentic Self: Rafferty, Kevin A.: 9781500140670: Books


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